Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Ordering process for Samsung Galaxy Watch FE in the Netherlands started before the official announcement

Leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE have been floating around quite heavily lately. In one of them, it is stated that the smart watch will become official as of June 24. However, a Dutch e-commerce site has already started the pre-order process for Galaxy Watch FE without waiting for this date.

It is possible to buy Galaxy Watch FE by paying 219.95 euros on For delivery, there is a statement on the site saying “as soon as possible”. Users are offered three color options: black, rose gold and silver with a light blue strap.

It is worth remembering that the Galaxy Watch FE is the same as the 2021 Galaxy Watch 4. The watch comes with the Exynos W920 processor and has 1.5 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. Mobile payment support via NFC is also among the features of the watch.

Samsung may not wait until June 24 to announce Galaxy Watch FE

It will not be a surprise if Samsung makes the official announcement for the Galaxy Watch FE soon, without waiting for June 24. Because everything about the smart watch has now been revealed.

Danish Kapoor