Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

OnePlus enters the artificial intelligence race with AI Eraser

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Artificial intelligence continues to be the coolest concept in the technology world in 2024, as it was in 2023. OnePlus has recently joined the companies that took their place in this wave. OnePlus announced its new feature called AI Eraser.

OnePlus' tool removes unwanted elements from photos, just like solutions offered by other companies. The sample images shared by the company clearly show the function of AI Eraser.

oneplus ai eraser

According to the information provided by the company; It will be possible to use AI Eraser on OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus Open, OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Nord CE4 as of this month. In Europe, the distribution of the feature will begin at the end of next June.

It remains unclear at the moment whether this feature will be offered with the OxygenOS update or an update for the OnePlus Photo Gallery application. It is currently unknown whether the artificial intelligence process will be carried out on the internet or on the device.

OnePlus describes AI Eraser as “the result of a major R&D investment.” The company also promises “a commitment to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated content” in AI Eraser. The proprietary model behind the new feature was trained on a large dataset, allowing it to comprehend complex scenes. Thus, unwanted objects can be intelligently replaced with contextually appropriate elements that naturally increase the appeal of the photo. It is also possible for users to make high-quality photo edits anywhere and anytime.

OnePlus will also offer other artificial intelligence features after AI Eraser

OnePlus President and Chief Operating Officer Kinder Liu said: “Empowering users with advanced, practical technology is what we live for at OnePlus. We believe the potential for generative AI on mobile is enormous, with the power to completely transform productivity and creativity. AI Eraser, OnePlus' first feature based on generative AI technology, represents the first step in our vision to liberate user creativity through AI and revolutionize the future of photo editing, giving users the power to create extraordinary photos with just a few taps. “We plan to introduce more AI features this year and look forward to them being available soon.”

OnePlus seems to offer other artificial intelligence-based features besides AI Eraser. However, these features have not been detailed yet.

Danish Kapoor