Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be lighter and thinner than the current model

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Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be introduced in the summer, leaks about the foldable phone (or phones) have been around for a while. According to a new leakThe Z Fold 6 will weigh 239 grams on the scale.

Considering that the current Z Fold 5 weighs 253 grams, it is understood that the Z Fold 6 will be significantly lighter compared to its predecessor. The lightest version of the Honor Magic V2, the lightest foldable phone available, weighs 231 grams and the heavy version weighs 237 grams. This means that the Z Fold 6 will be one of the lightest options on the market.

Ice Universe also provides other information about Z Fold 6 in the same post. It is said that the foldable phone will be 5.6 mm thick when open and 12.1 mm thick when folded. In Z Fold 5, the values ​​in question are listed as 6.1 and 13.4 mm. It should be noted that both versions of the Honor Magic V2 are thinner than the Z Fold 6. OnePlus Open, on the other hand, is a slightly thicker device when open than the Z Fold 6, and slightly thinner when folded.

It seems that Samsung will finally have a competitive attitude in terms of thickness and weight in the Z Fold series. However, it should be noted that the values ​​mentioned are just a rumor for now.

Samsung is expected to offer the Z Fold 6 with a 7.6-inch foldable screen. It is said that the cover screen will be shorter. It is stated that the aspect ratio of the screen will be 22:9 and its size will increase from 6.2 inches to 6.3 inches.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 will come in two different versions

Ice Universe states that the values ​​in question belong to the standard Galaxy Z Fold 6. Another famous tipster, OnLeaks, claims that the values ​​mentioned belong to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra model. It is necessary to wait a long time to see which claim is true.

Danish Kapoor