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Danish Kapoor

New smartwatch experiences with Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra and Watch 7

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch Ultra and Watch 7 models, along with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, at its Unpacked event in Paris today. These new-generation smartwatches stand out with their advanced features, especially in terms of sports and health tracking. We take a closer look at the technical specifications and user experiences of these two models.

With a price tag of 43,999 TL On the Samsung Türkiye website The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, available for pre-order, is built on an entirely new platform. With its improved durability and long-lasting battery, it is an ideal option especially for users interested in extreme sports. Thanks to its 10ATM and IPx8 water resistance, it can be used even in the depths of the ocean. Compliant with American military standards and sapphire glass protection, the device maintains its durability even in the most difficult conditions. It can also operate without problems in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C.

40mm case for 9,999 TL, The 44mm case is 10,999 TL The Galaxy Watch 7, which is now on sale, is optimized for daily use and fitness activities. It offers a stylish look with its soft and dynamic design system, while also offering users a wide range of strap options. Improved AI-based sleep coaching and daily fitness tracking features allow users to closely monitor their health. Thanks to the new sleep tracking features specific to the series, users can analyze their sleep quality and live a healthier life.

Both models offer a personalized exercise experience with AI-based algorithms. These watches, which can track exercise with the most accurate measurements, help users improve their performance by offering personalized exercise suggestions and motivation cards. The newly designed BioActive Sensor measures heart rate more accurately during exercise and sleep. Thanks to the 3.2 times more advanced heart rate measurement, users can track their health data more accurately.

One of the highlights of the Galaxy Watch Ultra is its dual-frequency GPS system (L1 + L5) and advanced algorithm. This system provides precise GPS positioning even in crowded areas, so users can track their workouts more efficiently. In addition, this model, which is the first smartwatch with a 3nm processor, offers improved power efficiency with big.LITTLE technology. Thanks to this, the device will exhibit faster response time and smoother operation performance.

Galaxy Watch Ultra

Significant improvements have also been made to battery life. With power-saving features and Stamina mode, the Galaxy Watch Ultra offers long-term use. It provides a battery life of 60 hours in normal use and 48 hours in energy-saving mode for exercise measurement. This allows users to use their watch for long periods of time during outdoor activities and extreme sports. On the other hand, with a third customizable action button on the side, users can easily control their watch by touching it.

Galaxy Watch 7 also offers long battery life and powerful performance. It provides long-term use with energy saving mode in daily use and during exercise. In addition, with finger commands, users can answer calls, turn off the timer and control the camera shutter with a double pinch gesture. This makes the watch more practical and user-friendly to use.

Both models allow instant health data monitoring with Samsung’s new Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 models. Functions such as monitoring health data from the cover screen and taking photos without having to operate the phone enrich the user experience. With the Samsung Find feature, users can easily find the location of their phones.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra and Watch 7 aim to take a significant place in the smartwatch market with the innovative features and advanced technologies they offer. Equipped with features such as improved durability, long battery life, and precise health and fitness tracking, these watches offer an ideal option for both everyday users and extreme sports enthusiasts. These new models from Samsung promise their users a healthier and more connected lifestyle.

Danish Kapoor