Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

New Product from Anker for Those Who Care About Sleep: Soundcore Sleep A20 Headphones

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In today’s fast-paced life, a good night’s sleep has become more valuable than ever. In this context, Anker is launching Soundcore Sleep A20 wireless headphones designed to improve sleep quality. This new model was presented to users with the announcement made on “World Sleep Day”. The headphones will first go on sale on Kickstarter on April 16, and will then be available for purchase on Amazon on May 20. This product, which initially had a price tag of $149.99, will be offered at an advantageous price of $89.99 as part of the Kickstarter campaign.

Soundcore Sleep A20 does not offer active noise cancellation, but with the “Twin-Seal eartips” technology developed by Anker, it has three times the noise canceling capacity of standard silicone ear tips. The headphones also aim to prevent outdoor noise from disrupting your sleep by playing white noise from an included sound library. Thanks to its compact design, it offers comfortable use even for users who prefer to sleep on their side.

14 hours of use in sleep mode with Anker Soundcore Sleep

The most striking innovation of the A20 model is the improvement in battery life. Offering up to 14 hours of use instead of 10 hours when playing white noise in sleep mode, the headset can last up to 80 hours in total with the charging box. For users who prefer to sleep while listening to music, the battery life of the headset has been increased to 10 hours; This represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, the A10s.

Anker offers a number of improvements over the first generation sleep headphones. The new built-in alarm feature allows you to wake up without disturbing the person next to you, while it allows you to analyze your sleep quality in detail with features such as automatic sleep monitoring and sleep position tracking. If your headphones get lost, the companion app can help you easily find them from inside your bed by having them play an alert sound.

Danish Kapoor