Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

New Philips Hue smart bedside lamp “Twilight” is on the way

Philips Hue's new smart bedside lamp will be released under the name “Twilight”. According to, the top of the lamp will feature two buttons for power, scene selection, and sleep automation. Additionally, there will be LED lights on the back of the lamp that provide a sunrise or sunset effect.

This lamp's rear LED lights and main light can be controlled separately, just like the top and bottom lights of the Hue Dymera. Once the sleep automation is triggered, the lamp will simulate a sunset and then turn off, according to the site. It is not yet clear when and at what price Philips will launch Twilight.

HueBlog published leaked images of the lamp earlier this week. The images show that the lamp has a fixed lampshade. The lamp will be available in black or white color options and will be approximately 33 centimeters high.

Besides the new lamp, Philips may also release a new 5-meter-long light strip called Hue Solo. This light strip has been removed by a “major American retailer” after being listed for $89.99 (approximately $2,950). According to HueBlog's report yesterday, the product page briefly displayed at Best Buy states that it offers a seamless blend of multi-colored light in a single LED strip.

Hue Solo can be controlled via Bluetooth. This new light strip aims to offer its users more flexibility and color options. It is not yet clear when Philips will launch this product.

Twilight lamp may be an ideal option for those who want to improve their sleep quality. Sunrise and sunset effects can help establish a natural sleep pattern. However, it offers users the opportunity to create a more comfortable sleeping environment.

As a brand known for its smart home products, Philips continues to strengthen its position in the market with innovative products such as Twilight and Hue Solo. Smart lighting systems are increasingly preferred in modern homes. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

Danish Kapoor