Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

New color options are coming for iPhone 16 Pro

Rumors and rumors about Apple’s highly anticipated new generation smartphone, the iPhone 16 series, continue unabated. While social media is talking about the design of the iPhone 16 series, a new rumor focuses on the color options of the iPhone 16 Pro. Leak expert Majin Bu says it will have a titanium frame like the iPhone 15 Pro series and that Apple is currently experimenting with new color options. states.

New colors expected for iPhone 16 Pro

According to an X post by Majin Bu, Apple may introduce the iPhone 16 Pro in two new color options, namely Titanium Gray and Desert Titanium (also called Titanium Yellow). Apple is said to be experimenting with new color schemes for the iPhone 16 series. Desert Titanium is reported as a darker version of the Gold color variant of the iPhone 14 Pro. On the other hand, the Cement Gray (Titanium Gray) color is said to be similar to the color of the iPhone 6. “Other possible colors are also being discussed, but these seem less likely and I have refrained from reporting them,” the post said. It was said.

Currently, it is unclear whether the iPhone 16 series will replace the entire color scheme of the iPhone 15 Pro. So, we’ll have to wait to see what Apple has planned for its next-generation iPhones. There are also rumors that the entire iPhone 16 series may receive a refresh in terms of vertical camera placement. The design is making a lot of talk among iPhone fans who are waiting for the launch of the iPhone 16 series. This year, Apple may also step into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and we may encounter some new advanced features.

The iPhone 16 Pro color options mentioned above are based on leaks and rumors and do not necessarily mean they will be released. The final reveal will be made at launch because Apple is notorious for not leaking any aspect of its upcoming phones. This new step by Apple in innovation and design creates great excitement among technology enthusiasts and iPhone lovers. The new iPhone 16 series aims to enrich the user experience not only with its advanced technological features but also with its aesthetic innovations.

Danish Kapoor