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Netflix's match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul postponed until November

Netflix will broadcast the anticipated boxing match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul live on Friday, November 15. The match was originally planned to be held in July. However, it was postponed due to an ulcer disease that Tyson suffered during a flight.

In his statement regarding the postponement, Tyson said, “Although we have to postpone the match, I will restart training in a short time.” said. “We have set a new date, but no matter when we fight, the result will not change. Jake Paul will be knocked out.” said. This match will be Tyson's first official match since 2005.

The match will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA. This will be a huge turning point for both Tyson and Paul. While Tyson returns to the ring, Jake Paul will face one of the toughest opponents in his career.

Netflix announced the new match date from its official X account. “New date for Paul vs Tyson match: November 15, live on Netflix!” A post was made. This announcement caused great excitement among boxing fans.

An unforgettable night from Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano

In addition to the main event, the night's lower level will also feature a boxing match between super lightweight world champion Katie Taylor and unified featherweight champion Amanda Serrano. The match between these two female boxers will make the night even more exciting. Fans see it as a great opportunity for these two important matches to come together.

Alongside this major boxing event, Netflix's portfolio of live streaming content is also expanding. The platform will stream NFL games on Christmas this year and WWE's Monday Night Raw events next year. These moves are seen as part of Netflix's strategy to gain more presence in the world of sports and entertainment.

Mike Tyson is a boxing legend who has achieved numerous victories in his career. Tyson, who has not fought an official match since 2005, has been preparing intensively for his comeback. Postponing the match gave him more training and recovery time.

Jake Paul continues his career, which he started as a social media phenomenon, in the boxing world. Getting into the ring with a legend like Tyson will be a big test for him. Paul aims to take an important step in his boxing career by winning this match.

Netflix shows that it is also assertive in the field of sports broadcasting by presenting this big event live to the audience. Viewers are making preparations not to miss this epic match between Tyson and Paul. This move by Netflix also sheds light on the platform's future strategies regarding sports and live events.

All in all, this anticipated match between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul will be an unforgettable night for boxing fans. Tyson's comeback and Paul's big test will give the audience exciting moments.

Danish Kapoor