Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Netflix will no longer work on second and third generation Apple TVs

Netflix has announced that it will soon end support for the second and third generation Apple TV set-top boxes. As of July 31, it will not be possible to access Netflix on these devices.

Netflix notifies its customers about the change via email. While it is stated in the e-mail in question that this decision was made to “maintain the best possible Netflix experience”; It wasn't explained exactly why support for the two boxes, each released more than a decade ago, ended. It must be said that it is difficult to run Netflix on older devices that do not support the new codecs.

Netflix will continue to work on other Apple TV models

From a broad perspective, it can be described as a pity that such services will not support old hardware. Because such moves increase the possibility of old devices becoming technological waste. However, it often turns out that it no longer makes sense to continue support for the dwindling user base of aging devices.

Owners of newer Apple TVs will be able to continue their Netflix experience as before.

Danish Kapoor