Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

More special broadcasts are now possible with the Instagram live broadcast feature

Instagram has made a significant innovation in its live broadcast feature to make the user experience more personal and special. Now Instagram users will be able to broadcast live broadcasts only to their Close Friends list. This innovation provides the opportunity to appeal to a smaller and more specific audience, allowing users to share more intimate and personal content.

Until now, starting a live broadcast on Instagram was an event that everyone could watch if your account was public, and all your followers could watch if your account was private. This was especially popular for influencers and celebrities to share content that appealed to large audiences. However, thanks to the new feature, users will be able to limit their live broadcasts to only the Close Friends list they choose.

A more intimate experience now with the Instagram live broadcast feature

This new feature offers an experience similar to having a larger FaceTime call. The use cases offered by the company also focus on more intimate and personal interactions. For example, users can now share makeup videos or shopping content with certain followers without hesitation, or organize a study session with a few friends.

Instagram continues to take important steps towards more private and personal ways to use the platform. Last November, users had the option to post to their Close Friends list only. In May, the ability to see comments, direct messages and tags only from close friends was added. These types of filtering options were introduced to limit harassment faced by content creators, but are now available to everyone.

The new live broadcast feature aims to provide users with a safer and more controllable Instagram experience. This feature provides an ideal solution for those who want to avoid harassment or unwanted comments. Additionally, such innovations are seen as part of Instagram’s strategy to expand its user base and get existing users to spend more time on the platform.

This innovation in Instagram’s live broadcast feature enables users to have a more intimate, safe and personal experience. This new feature changes the way people share on social media, allowing more special moments to be shared with a smaller and more select audience.

Danish Kapoor