Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft introduces Recall for Copilot Plus PCs

Microsoft introduced Recall, a new Windows 11 tool for Copilot Plus PCs. This innovative tool records all activities on users' computers, providing the ability to search and retrieve them. Recall makes users' computing experiences more efficient and manageable.

Recall has a comprehensive feature set that Microsoft internally calls AI Explorer. It includes many functions such as recording transactions made in applications, monitoring communications in live meetings, and remembering all websites visited for research. When users perform the Recall action, they can see the context of that period with snapshots of a certain time period.

Recall's user-friendly interface

Recall's timeline interface allows users to review their past activities with buttons such as yesterday, today, and now. Applications include tools such as Teams and Excel. In addition, live meetings and videos become searchable and translatable thanks to Live Captions.

This technology resembles the Timeline feature that Microsoft tried in Windows 10 but retired in 2021. A similar application, Rewind, is available for Mac users. However, the fact that Recall is deeply integrated into Windows while Rewind is a third-party application makes a significant difference.

However, Recall does not work on every Windows 11 computer. To use this feature, Copilot Plus PCs equipped with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X Elite chips are required. These chips have the neural processing unit (NPU) required for Recall to work.

On the other hand, there are minimum storage requirements to use Recall. According to the feature's Frequently Asked Questions page, a minimum of 256GB of hard drive space and 50GB of free space is required to run Recall. The default allocation for Recall on a 256GB device is 25GB, which can store approximately three months' worth of snapshots.

Microsoft promises its users that the Recall index will remain local and private on the device. Users can pause, delete captured content, or exclude certain applications and websites. Recall does not snapshot InPrivate web browsing sessions and DRM-protected content in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft notes that Recall does not moderate content and does not actively hide sensitive information such as passwords or financial account numbers. However, users can manually exclude such information.

Recall makes computer use easier by making users' digital experiences more efficient and secure. This new tool offers a powerful solution for users to track all their activities and easily retrieve them when necessary. Microsoft's Recall tool radically changes users' computer experiences with this new feature offered for Copilot Plus PCs. This comprehensive and user-friendly tool provides better management and efficiency in the digital world.

Danish Kapoor