Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft Edge will soon offer real-time translation support for YouTube videos

Microsoft Edge will soon offer real-time video translation on sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Coursera. At this year's Build event, Microsoft announced that the new artificial intelligence-supported feature can translate spoken content live, both through dubbing and subtitling, while you watch.

So far, the feature supports translation of Spanish to English, as well as translation of English to German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. In addition to offering a nice way to translate videos into the user's native language, Edge's new AI feature will also make videos more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Edge will also support real-time translation for videos from news sites like Reuters, CNBC and Bloomberg. Microsoft plans to add more languages ​​and supported websites in the future.

Microsoft Edge could summarize YouTube videos

This is the latest in a series of AI features that Microsoft has added to Edge through integration with Copilot. Edge already offers the ability to summarize YouTube videos, but it cannot create text summaries of every video because it uses the video's transcript to create the summary.

Danish Kapoor