Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft brings Voice Clarity feature to all Windows devices

Microsoft introduced an innovation that will significantly improve the user experience of Windows operating systems with a Canary test update released on Friday. As the company announced in its blog post, the Voice Clarity feature, which was previously only available on Surface devices, is now available for all Windows machines. This innovation also includes devices with ARM processors.

Crystal clear communication with Voice Clarity in Windows

The Voice Clarity feature can filter out background noise, echo and reflection in real time, using low-complexity artificial intelligence models. This feature has the potential to solve audio problems especially in online meeting platforms such as Zoom or Teams. Users will not encounter issues such as echoing sounds during a presentation or their own voice bouncing back over the microphone.

Microsoft states that this feature can also be used for voice chat in PC games. In other words, players will be able to communicate more clearly while playing games by filtering out unwanted background noise.

The new test version also includes features that provide immediate access to photos and screenshots when connected to Android devices. Also coming with the update is a new Windows installation process that the company describes as a “cleaner and more modern design.” The 80Gbps update for USB4 is also among these innovations.

This step by Microsoft has the potential to significantly improve the user experience of devices using the Windows operating system. With the spread of applications such as working from home and distance education, especially during and after the pandemic period, online meetings and voice communication have become even more important. The Voice Clarity feature can enable users to work more efficiently by minimizing the problems encountered in this type of communication.

Danish Kapoor