Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft adds spell check feature to Windows 11's Notepad app

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Microsoft is bringing the spell check feature to the Notepad app in Windows 11. The test group now has access to new spellcheck support in Notepad, which will roll out to all Windows 11 users later this year.

Spelling check in Notepad works the same as in Microsoft Word or the Microsoft Edge browser. Misspelled words are automatically underlined in red, and errors can be corrected by right-clicking to see spelling suggestions.

Microsoft also added my autocorrect feature to the app. Thus, errors will be automatically corrected as users continue typing. Spell check in Notepad will also support multiple languages. Users will be able to ignore words in documents and add them to a dictionary.

In the blog post signed by Dave Grochocki, one of Microsoft's chief product managers, the following statements are made on the subject: “This feature is enabled by default for some file types, but is turned off by default in log files and other file types generally associated with coding. You can turn this setting on or off globally or for specific file types in the Notepad app settings or temporarily for the current file in the context menu.”

Notepad has been updated with new features for a while now

Spell checking in Notepad is the latest feature added in a long series of improvements to this built-in Windows 11 app. In December, Microsoft added a new auto-save option that allows you to close the application without being prompted to save each time. Shortly after this, he announced that he would add a character counter to the application. Microsoft also added dark mode to the Notepad app, tabs, Copilot AI integration, and even a virtual fidget spinner.

Danish Kapoor