Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Meizu leaves the smartphone market, focuses entirely on artificial intelligence work

Meizu announced that it will withdraw from the smartphone market. In the statement made by the company, which operates under the umbrella of the Chinese automotive brand Geely, it was stated that artificial intelligence is the future and the entire focus will be shifted to artificial intelligence.

According to the post on Weibo, the FlymeOS team will be restructured to work on new AI terminal devices that will use globally available LLM (large language model) such as Open AI.

Meizu; It had already laid the foundations for the multi-terminal experience when it announced Flyme Auto, an infotainment system for Geely-made vehicles such as Polestar and Lotus that seamlessly connects with FlymeOS 10 devices such as the Meizu 20 and Meizu 21 flagships.

According to Shen Ziyu, Chairman and CEO of Xingji Meizu Group; The time it takes for smartphone users to renew their devices has now been extended. This period is currently an average of 51 months, that is, more than 4 years. Companies joining the market now offer similar performance in fluidity, photography and software features. That’s why there will be no Meizu 21 Pro, Meizu 22 and Meizu 23 series.

Meizu will continue to offer support for existing smartphone options

A new mobile operating system fit for the AI ​​era will be released in 2024, and the first AI-enabled hardware product will be released later this year. Support for existing Meizu smartphone models will continue, including access to offline stores in China. Since the company has not been on the international stage for the last few years, no statement has been made about support for overseas devices.

Danish Kapoor