Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Mark Zuckerberg: Meta Quest 3 is better than Apple Vision Pro

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an Apple Vision Pro review on Instagram. This post by Zuckerberg reminded us that the competition between the two companies has deepened with the launch of Vision Pro.

Zuckerberg did not mince his words when comparing Vision Pro with Quest 3 in the video shot with Meta Quest 3. Meta CEO first stated that Quest is a more suitable product for most people and underlined that it is 7 times cheaper than Vision Pro. Zuckerberg, who also tested Vision Pro in the video, stated that he came to the conclusion that Quest 3 “is a better product.” The Meta CEO added that Quest is “better for the vast majority of things people use mixed reality for.”

Zuckerberg stated that he designed the Quest to be lightweight and portable, and therefore thought it was much more comfortable than the Apple Vision Pro. According to Meta’s CEO, it’s much easier to get around and socialize with other people with the Quest. Zuckerberg also pointed out the wide field of view and screen brightness of Quest, stating that the visuals were clearer in Quest 3 and claimed that there was motion blur in Vision Pro.

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Mark Zuckerberg praises Apple Vision Pro’s eye tracking performance

Although Zuckerberg acknowledged that the Vision Pro has a higher resolution screen; He criticized Apple for the “changes” it had to make regarding the comfort and ergonomics of the device. Stating that Quest’s controllers work better, Meta CEO also admits that Apple has done a “really good” job in eye tracking.

Zuckerberg did not forget to mention that Quest has a larger application library and reminded that YouTube and Xbox applications are available on Quest, unlike Vision Pro. Mark Zuckerberg concluded his review by talking about open and closed models for each generation of computing, and how he wanted to make sure that Meta’s technology for this generation “wins” as the open model, as Microsoft has done in the past.

Danish Kapoor