Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

LinkedIn is testing career-focused vertical video streaming

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LinkedIn, the platform that directs our professional lives, adapted to the evolution of our digital content consumption habits and carried the TikTok-like vertical video streaming feature to the testing phase. This innovation is part of the platform's effort to enrich the user experience and offer dynamic content.

The feature in question has not yet been offered to users with a public announcement, but it was discovered by some careful eyes. As a result of subsequent inquiries, LinkedIn confirmed to TechCrunch that the tests were carried out. This new video stream will allow users to switch between content by scrolling vertically under a separate “video” tab in the LinkedIn application. This format promises an uninterrupted and fluid video experience, just like Instagram Reels and TikTok.

LinkedIn has shown the courage to keep up with trends in the past by bringing the temporary story feature popular on Snapchat and Instagram to its platform. However, this feature was removed because it did not receive the expected attention on the platform. This experience was considered as a sign that LinkedIn's experiments with video content have not ended, on the contrary, it will continue its innovative steps in this field.

The underlying purpose of LinkedIn's new move is to further highlight the video content produced by the platform's professional content producers and thought leaders. Many professionals already prefer to share their knowledge and experiences in their field in video format. However, it is not yet clear what proportion of LinkedIn users show particular interest in business- and career-focused video content, or how well-suited this format is for professional networking and knowledge-sharing purposes.

What will vertical video innovation bring for professionals on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's vertical video stream aims to provide users with easy access to content that will contribute to career development. This can encourage the sharing of valuable content, such as up-to-date information, industry innovations and professional development opportunities, especially those that are important in the business world. On the other hand, how this new feature of the platform will contribute to the user experience and content quality will depend on the results of the testing processes and user feedback. With this innovative step, LinkedIn aims to bring a new breath to its users in professional networking and information sharing.

Danish Kapoor