Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Instagram is working on a new feature that will make video discovery easier among friends

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Instagram has started testing a new feature that will make video sharing between friends more interactive in order to enrich the user experience. This feature, called “Blend”, aims to offer customized Reels recommendations based on the videos users share with each other and their personal interests. This innovation will take users' experiences of discovering and spending time together to a new dimension.

New feature on Instagram: Video discovery with friends with Blend

The Blend feature, which Instagram is currently developing, aims to increase social interaction by enabling friends to discover videos together. One of the reverse engineering experts frequently encountered in the technology world. Revealed by Alessandro Paluzzi This feature was also confirmed by Instagram. Currently only in the internal testing phase, Blend has not entered a public testing process yet, but it's always interesting to see how Instagram plays with such innovative ideas.

Blend's working principle is to enable users and their close friends to discover new Reels videos based on individuals' own interests and videos they have previously shared with each other. This means that instead of one user typically finding a video they like and sending it to the other via direct message, both can discover new content at the same time. Additionally, Blend is expected to have an indicator that shows whether a particular Reels video has been watched before, which will make it easier for two users to start chatting about these contents.

This type of feature is currently not available on platforms like TikTok. This could give Instagram an advantage for users who like to explore short-form video content together. As is the basis for many features offered by other platforms, Blend's main goal seems to be to increase user interaction. This innovation once again reveals how Instagram is constantly reshaping the experience it offers to its users and looking for new ways to deepen social media interaction.

Danish Kapoor