Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

LinkedIn introduced its new artificial intelligence-supported features

LinkedIn is launching new artificial intelligence-supported features that will allow its users to find jobs, edit their resumes and get advice from artificial intelligence-supported chatbots. However, these new features will only be available under the Premium subscription and in English worldwide. LinkedIn aims to significantly improve the user experience with these innovations.

One of the new tools allows users to search for jobs using natural language. Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn's product manager, gives an example in his blog post on the subject, such as “Find a remote marketing job in Detroit with a salary of at least $110,000.” If these results are successful, this tool could be very useful for potential job searches.

Meanwhile, a GIF showing LinkedIn's natural language job search feature was also shared. This innovation aims to make the process more effective and user-friendly for job seekers. LinkedIn aims to help users find jobs more efficiently and in a targeted manner.

In addition, LinkedIn will be able to review users' resumes and provide personalized recommendations based on a specific job posting. Users can upload their resumes, receive feedback and “make edits interactively with artificial intelligence.” LinkedIn's Rohan Rajiv shares details of these features in a blog post.

In addition to these features, LinkedIn also offers a tool to help users create cover letters from scratch. This letter preparation tool, created with artificial intelligence support, aims to make job applications more professional and effective. These tools will complement other Premium AI-only features that LinkedIn began testing last year.

LinkedIn not only helps in finding jobs but also allows users to learn more about the business world by using AI personas provided by several experts. Conversations with these experts offer personalized insights. Cohen notes that these responses are expert-trained and offer insights tailored to each user's unique needs.

Experts include Alicia Reece, Anil Gupta, Dr. Featuring Gemma Leigh Roberts and Lisa Gates. LinkedIn promises to improve the general search capabilities of the platform with these new features. “With our new search capabilities, every search interaction becomes smarter,” Cohen said. says.

LinkedIn aims to offer its users a more comprehensive and personalized experience with its new artificial intelligence-supported features. These innovations will make the job search process more efficient and user-friendly. Cohen notes that search improvements will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Danish Kapoor