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Danish Kapoor

Kobo launches color e-book readers

Rakuten Kobo, one of the leading companies in the technology world, brings an innovative breath to the e-book reader market. The company announced the Kobo Libra Color and Kobo Clara Color models, its first color e-book readers. These devices use E Ink's cutting-edge Kaleido color display technology. Kaleido stands out with its subtle, pastel tones, dropping from its 300ppi resolution in grayscale to 150ppi resolution when you view color content.

A look into the colorful world of Kobo

These new products from Rakuten Kobo offer small but significant improvements to existing e-book readers. For example, the seven-inch Kobo Libra 2 model stands out as the favorite e-book reader outside the Amazon ecosystem with features such as water-resistant IPX8 design, physical page turn buttons, no lock screen ads and more storage space.

Kobo Libra Color, with a price tag of $ 219.99, maintains all these features and is also compatible with Kobo Stylus 2, just like the Kobo Elipsa 2E model. However, it costs $30 more than the Kobo Libra 2 model. You also need to purchase the stylus by paying an additional $69.99.

The Kobo Clara Color model, priced at $149.99, has slightly different features than its closest sibling, the $139.99 Kobo Clara 2E model. While it offers the same six-inch display and water-resistant IPX8 design, it now has 16GB of storage and an improved processor.

kobo clara color

On the other hand, Kobo also announced the black-and-white screen Kobo Clara BW model, which has the same storage and processor upgrades. This product also retails for $129.99.

All these devices are available for pre-order starting today, and will begin shipping abroad on April 30. These innovations promise to offer users a richer reading experience, ushering in a new era especially in reading colored content. This step by Kobo can popularize the use of color screens in the e-book reader market and set an example for other manufacturers. For tech enthusiasts and book lovers, Kobo's color e-book readers can be considered a breakthrough in the digital reading experience.

Danish Kapoor