Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

It will be possible to use Samsung Galaxy Ring with smartphones of other brands

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The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Ring was revealed with more details at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024). Exhibiting its new wearable product, Samsung did not neglect to give some important information that was overlooked. An interview published on CNET includes details about the Galaxy Ring’s battery size, weight and compatibility with phones from other brands.

During the media event, Samsung stated that the Galaxy Ring had a long battery life, but did not provide clear information about the capacity. While the company stated that it was working on the details, it also explained the battery capacities of the prototypes in more detail.

Galaxy Ring will be available to users with nine different size options. The smallest prototype has a 14.5 mAh battery. According to the size of the ring, battery capacity also increases. The largest prototype is said to have a 21.5 mAh battery. Battery capacities in Oura Ring range from 15 to 22 mAh.

The smallest prototype of the Galaxy Ring tips the scales at 2.3 grams. The weight of the largest prototype is 2.9 grams. If these weights remain unchanged, the largest version of the Galaxy Ring will be 1 gram lighter than the largest version of the Oura Ring.

Those who use an Android phone manufactured by a brand other than Samsung will also be able to experience Galaxy Ring. The company’s vice president, Dr. Hon Pak stated that they are working on the compatibility of the smart ring with other phones. iPhone users, on the other hand, seem to be excluded from the Galaxy Ring experience, at least in the short term.

When will Samsung Galaxy Ring be released?

An exact release date has not been given for the Samsung Galaxy Ring. However, the company is expected to launch its smart ring simultaneously with its new foldable phones in the summer. Galaxy Ring’s color options are gold, silver and black.

Danish Kapoor