Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

iPhone SE 4 will become official with OLED screen in 2025

Looking at Apple’s standard calendar, the iPhone SE 4 model was expected to be introduced this year. However, the fact that there has been no concrete leak so far shows that the Cupertino-based company has a different plan. According to the news of The Elec site, the new iPhone SE will be available to users with an OLED screen in 2025. At this point, it is worth noting that the current iPhone SE is the only iPhone with an LCD screen.

OLED displays offer brighter colors, deeper blacks, and overall better image quality compared to LCD. Despite this, it seems that one of Apple’s primary concerns with the new iPhone SE will be keeping the cost low. It is stated that Samsung and BOE are in a race to become Apple’s OLED supplier.

While OLED panels are generally more expensive to produce, Apple could potentially maintain the affordable price of the SE due to intense competition between suppliers. It is stated that Samsung, which is said to offer the lowest price, may be Apple’s main supplier.

It is stated that Samsung and BOE offered Apple prices ranging from 30 to 40 dollars for the SE’s OLED panel. It is said that Samsung reduced the price to $ 30, while BOE set the limit at $ 35. It is stated that Tienma, another Chinese panel manufacturer, offered 40 dollars. It is said that the South Korean company will receive the largest order due to Samsung and Apple’s past business relationship and the suitability of Samsung’s offer.

Apple can create a reasonable profit margin for the iPhone SE 4

The prices each company offers for OLED panels are a third lower than the panel used in the iPhone 15. This gives Apple enough room to make a reasonable margin on every iPhone SE 4 sold.

Apple has not yet determined a production partner and the company allegedly wants the panel price to be reduced to the 20-30 dollar range. While the exact launch date remains uncertain, rumors point to 2025 for the iPhone SE 4, as we mentioned above.

Danish Kapoor