Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

iPhone Mirroring was made available to developers with iOS 18 beta 2

Two weeks after introducing iOS 18 at the WWDC 2024 event, Apple released the second beta version for developers. This new version was developed to ensure that iOS 18 is equipped with various improvements and new features before it is released to the public. Throughout the summer, Apple will continuously update beta versions of iOS 18, making adjustments based on developer and user feedback.

Each new iOS 18 beta release will come with various changes, bug fixes and new features. Apple plans to address complaints, bug reports, and performance issues with each new release by carefully monitoring feedback from beta testers. In this way, iOS 18 is aimed to be released in its most stable and user-friendly form before it is released to general use in September.

New features and improvements coming with iOS 18 Beta 2

Key improvements coming with iOS 18 Beta 2 include improvements to iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing, which will allow users to use their devices more flexibly and efficiently.

Your iPhone remains locked while mirroring to your Mac. However, if you use Standby while mirroring, what is shown on your iPhone screen will remain on the iPhone’s screen when you browse to your iPhone from your Mac.

In particular, the improved version of SharePlay will enable users to share screens with their friends or colleagues more smoothly.

The build number of iOS 18 Beta 2 is 22A5297f. This release indicates that performance and stability issues may not have been fully resolved yet. Therefore, developers and early beta testers may encounter some issues while using iOS 18 Beta 2 on their mainstream devices.

This beta version, which is exclusive to developers, will continue with public beta testing in July. In this process, Apple will make its final adjustments by receiving feedback from a wider range of users. The final version of iOS 18 is expected to be available to all users in September.

Apple attaches great importance to user feedback and aims to perfect iOS 18 by evaluating the feedback it receives with each beta version. In this context, it is important for you to share your feedback about the changes and innovations detected in iOS 18 Beta 2. You can share your experiences via social media or Apple’s feedback platforms.

The presentation of iOS 18 Beta 2 to developers is considered as part of Apple’s steps to make the new operating system version more stable and functional. This process aims to ensure that the final version of iOS 18 fully meets user expectations. With all these innovations and developments, iOS 18 seems to be an exciting update for Apple users.

Developers can download and try iOS 18 Beta 2 through the Apple Developer Program and share their feedback with Apple. Continue to follow the updates to closely follow all the details and innovations about the new version.

Danish Kapoor