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Danish Kapoor

iOS 17.4 update released: Fun emojis and practical podcast features

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The iOS 17.4 update, which Apple has been testing with beta versions for a while, has been released. This update, which opens the door to access to third-party application stores and web browsers for iPhone users within the European Union, also offers some innovations regarding the emojis and Podcasts application for users in our country.

iOS 17.4 innovations

Apple’s iOS 17.4 update is full of new features that enrich the user experience. With this update, the emoji keyboard gains new and fun icons that we can use in our daily communication. You can now use nature-inspired emojis such as mushroom, phoenix, lime, and expressions such as broken chain and bobbing head. Additionally, with the addition of 18 new body and human emojis, you will be able to express your emotions and reactions more clearly by looking in both directions.

There are exciting innovations for podcast lovers, too. Apple Podcasts service now allows you to follow the text simultaneously while listening to the episodes. It is now possible to follow the contents of the episodes with highlighted texts in English, Spanish, French and German, to search for words or expressions whose meaning you are curious about, and to play them at any time you want. Additionally, accessibility features such as Text Size, Increase Contrast and VoiceOver provide a more useful experience for everyone.

The music recognition feature has also been updated. Now you can easily add the songs you know to your Apple Music library and deepen your classical music experience thanks to integration with Apple Music Classical content. Additionally, with the new update, Siri gains the ability to voice the messages you receive in all supported languages, making communication even easier.

iOS 17.4 also offers an important security option in the Stolen Device Protection feature. This increases the security of your device, especially in cases of theft or loss. The Battery Health section in the Settings menu has been made more informative for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro users. It has now been updated to show the battery cycle count, date of manufacture, and first use of the battery.

An issue with the Find service has also been fixed with this update. The problem that previously caused contact pictures to appear blank has now been resolved. Dual SIM users are not forgotten either; The problem that caused the phone number to change from primary to secondary and this change not being seen correctly in group messaging has also been resolved with this update.

This latest update from Apple takes important steps in meeting the daily needs of users and increasing device security with the innovations and improvements it brings to the iOS platform. From fun emojis to practical podcast features, from security to battery health information, iOS 17.4 aims to improve every aspect of the user experience.

iOS 17.4 update Settings > General > Software Update You can download and install it on your device by following the path.

Danish Kapoor