Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Instagram Introduces New Engagement Stickers in Stories

Instagram has added a number of new stickers to Stories in an effort to provide a richer and more interactive experience for its users. The social media giant allows users to showcase their creativity with these updates, which aim to increase daily interaction between friends and followers.

Collaborating with the famous artist Dua Lipa, Instagram also introduced a new music sticker called 'You Add Music Too' as part of the promotion of the highly anticipated “Radical Optimism” album. This feature allows users to easily add their favorite songs to stories and share them with their friends. Dua Lipa shared her favorite song from her album and invited her fans to follow this trend.

Instagram's new interaction stickers

In addition to the 'Add Music Too' feature, Instagram introduced three new stickers to make users' stories more interesting and interactive:

  1. Frames: This sticker allows users to transform their photos into a nostalgic Polaroid look. Followers can reveal the content of the photo by shaking their phones.
  2. Show: The 'Show' sticker allows users to create secret stories and share them only with followers who send them direct messages.
  3. Cuts: Users who want to make their Stories and Reels videos more visually appealing can turn any photo or video in their photo gallery into a custom sticker using the 'Cuts' sticker.

These new stickers of Instagram aim to increase users' interaction on the platform and encourage them to produce more creative content. The company stated that it will continue to offer innovative features to improve user experience in the future.

These new interaction stickers offered by Instagram reveal the brand's commitment to providing a richer and more personalized experience to its users. The social media platform's continuous evolution helps users showcase their creativity and create more meaningful connections with each other.

Danish Kapoor