Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Huge camera innovation is on the way from Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

Galaxy S25 Ultra, which will be one of Samsung's next flagship phones, is preparing to meet consumers early next year. However, although the launch of the device is months away, exciting rumors about this Android phone are already attracting the attention of technology enthusiasts. According to information received, Samsung plans to make a significant breakthrough in camera technology in this new model.

According to Ice Universe, one of the famous and generally reliable sources, two of the four cameras on the back of the Galaxy S25 Ultra, namely the ultra-wide-angle and 3x telephoto cameras, will receive a serious upgrade. When we go into the details of the update, we learn that both cameras will have 50 MP resolution. This is a significant jump from the 10MP resolution of the 3x telephoto camera and the 12MP resolution of the ultra-wide-angle camera on the S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will also come with a 200 MP camera

The Galaxy S25 Ultra seems to continue on its way by retaining the 200 MP resolution main camera and 50 MP 5x zoom periscope camera of the current model. However, the most notable innovation is in the ultra-wide and 3x telephoto cameras. It is hoped that increasing the resolution of these two cameras will bring a significant improvement in photo quality.

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This move by Samsung shows the desire of the brand, which continues to make a name for itself with its innovations in camera technology, to take the user experience to even higher levels. These important updates to the camera capacity of the Galaxy S25 Ultra seem to excite photography enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts.

Danish Kapoor