Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Huawei's GoPaint app will be on tablets soon

Huawei is preparing to offer the painting application GoPaint to its own tablets soon. This application aims to improve users' artistic creation experience with its rich brush variety and easy-to-use features. Designed in line with Huawei's “Creation of Beauty” concept, the application aims to support artistic creativity and provide users with an enjoyable experience.

The impact of Huawei GoPaint on user experience

The intense participation in the GoPaint event held worldwide in 2023 reveals that the application attracted great interest from users. While developing this application, Huawei aims to increase the appeal of tablets in the creative field. Additionally, GoPaint is aimed to improve the drawing and creation experience of tablets.

Huawei has strong hardware and software capabilities with more than 10 years of experience in the tablet market. Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2, one of the many products preferred by users, stands out with its innovative hardware-software integration and advanced pressure sensing capabilities. This product features the industry's first large flexible OLED display and is supported by Huawei M-Pencil (3rd generation).

Starting from May 7, Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2 users will be able to experience the GoPaint application. The application stands out with its powerful painting tools and user-friendly features. Additionally, Huawei worked with a senior art team to develop the app. This has contributed to adding a rich variety of brushes and a variety of smart painting tools to the application.

GoPaint will also offer a complete set of tutorials for beginners. Thus, users will be able to improve their painting skills and master this field. While the application enables creative projects in the art world, it also offers features that will make the work of professionals easier.

Huawei's success in developing this application will significantly strengthen the artistic creation experience on its tablets. Huawei aims to be a pioneer in the field of artistic creation with GoPaint. This will allow users to express their creativity in the best way possible.

Danish Kapoor