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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

How to access the ChatGPT Mac application without waiting in line?

OpenAI recently launched the native ChatGPT Mac app and it has received a lot of attention along with GPT-4o. However, some users have to wait to be able to use the application immediately. There is a way to access this app without getting stuck on the waiting list.

Currently, OpenAI has announced that the macOS app is limited to “Plus and Team users.” Access for these users will be rolled out to a wider range of users in the coming weeks. However, for those who are impatient, there are ways to gain access without getting stuck on the waiting list.

Users can benefit from some tips and tricks to get early access to the ChatGPT Mac app. In particular, Apple Shortcuts and ChatGPT integration can make the user experience more efficient. Here is the step by step guide:

How to download ChatGPT Mac app?

If you are a Plus, Team or Corporate user, you can download the application by logging into ChatGPT via the web. Just click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select the Download App option. Alternatively, OpenAI's direct download link in the relevant community thread can be used.

The ChatGPT Mac app requires macOS 14 and Apple Silicon M1 or newer to run smoothly. These requirements are determined to ensure that users have the best experience.

Skip the waiting list within the app

There is a practical method shared by Diego Jimenez to bypass the waiting list. Applying this method is quite simple and effective:

  1. Log in by opening the ChatGPT Mac app.
  2. When the window size changes, but before the login error occurs, close the application (you can speed up with command + Q).
  3. Restart the app and you will see it working.

These steps allow users to access the ChatGPT Mac app without waiting. Especially for technology enthusiasts, this method offers great convenience.

How is the ChatGPT Mac user experience?

Users who have experienced the ChatGPT Mac application generally give positive feedback. The speed and functionality of the application helps users perform their daily tasks more efficiently. This application, which is used extensively especially in business and education, gained popularity in a short time.

Thoughts and experiences about using the ChatGPT Mac application are frequently shared on forums and social media platforms. Users seem to be quite satisfied with the opportunities offered by the application. This satisfaction contributes to the rapid spread of the application.

Getting early access to the ChatGPT Mac application is a significant advantage for users. Accessing the application without getting stuck on the waiting list prevents loss of time and makes things go faster. Such rapid access will be a great advantage, especially in the business world and academic fields.

Danish Kapoor