Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Honor will both protect eyes and fight against deepfakes with artificial intelligence

Honor announced two artificial intelligence-based innovations at the Mobile World Congress event held in Shanghai, China. These features are called AI Out-of-Focus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection.

Honor developed AI Defocused Eye Protection technology due to the increase in Myopia (farsightedness) caused by long-term screen use. The technology uses artificial intelligence to simulate defocused glasses on the screen of a smart device. This is because these glasses trigger controlled focus in the user’s peripheral vision field to help maintain clear central vision. This creates an altered visual perception that slows down the eye’s elongation process, leading to myopia.

Honor claims that its AI Defocus Eye Protection technology reduces users’ temporary myopia by an average of 13° after 25 minutes of reading, with some users even experiencing a maximum reduction of 75°.

Honor will also fight against deepfake fraud with artificial intelligence

Also talking about AI Deepfake Detection, Honor says that this technology will help prevent fraud and detect digitally manipulated content. This will be accomplished by examining created content frame by frame, such as eye contact, image clarity, lighting, and video playback, to identify flaws that the human eye may not notice.

Honor also stated that its AI Deepfake Detection technology is trained through a large dataset of images and videos on online scams, allowing the AI ​​to identify, scan and compare within three seconds.

If deepfake manipulated content is detected, a risk warning is immediately raised to deter the user from continuing to interact with potential fraudsters.

Danish Kapoor