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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Amazon discount on Anker Prime 749 Desktop Charger

Anker Prime 749 Desktop Charger, which stands out for powering two laptops at the same time, is sold with a 5 percent discount on Amazon. You have the opportunity to purchase the device at a discounted price of 6.299 TL.

Anker Prime 749 Desktop Charger features

The Anker Prime 749 desktop charger offers the perfect combination of technology and economy. Thanks to the new generation GaN technology, this device, which provides energy from four ports with a power capacity of 240 watts, offers its users a unique charging experience. Designed with the quality and innovation power of the Anker brand, this charger has managed to receive 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 126 user reviews at the time of writing this news. It is manufactured to meet all the needs of modern devices with USB Type-C connectivity technology and USB connector type.

One of the standout features of the product is that it can power even two laptops at the same time. It offers four ports in total, with USB-C 1 port having 140W power and USB-C 2 port having 100W power. This makes charging a wide range of devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and more with amazing ease. With its black color and stylish design, it adds simple elegance to any desktop.

Anker Prime 749 promises its users more than just a charger. This product offers a fast and effective solution for those who want to catch up with modern technology. It shows high performance with its 240 volt input voltage and 3 ampere current capacity. Additionally, thanks to a total of four USB ports, it allows simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

This product, which is also user-friendly in terms of price, is now offered for only 6,299.00 TL with a 5 percent discount, while its previous price was 6,649.06 TL. Additionally, when purchased through Amazon, it provides additional advantages such as secure transaction, easy return policy and promotional installment options. With interest-free installment options of up to 9 months and installment options of up to 12 months, owning this high-quality product becomes very attractive.

As a result, Anker Prime 749 desktop charger offers an opportunity not to be missed for technology enthusiasts with its high performance, user-friendly price and various campaign advantages. This product stands out as a practical and effective solution to provide the energy needed by the devices that accompany us in our daily lives.

Danish Kapoor