Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

GPT-4o-powered Solos AirGo Vision rivals RayBan Meta in smart glasses

Solos has announced its new model AirGo Vision, which is a candidate to be ambitious in the smart glasses market. These new glasses attract attention with their hands-free video recording and AI-supported voice assistant features. Positioned as one of the strongest competitors among the current options on the market, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses will now compete with this innovative product from Solos.

Solos AirGo Vision features

Unlike its current smart glasses, which only feature audio features, Solos’ AirGo Vision will also feature a camera. Powered by OpenAI’s new GPT-4o AI model, the camera will be able to identify objects users see and answer questions about them.

On the other hand, one of the most striking features of the Solos AirGo Vision is the interchangeable frame system. Thanks to this system, users can remove the camera at any time or attach frames of different styles. This feature offers a great advantage, especially in socially unacceptable environments or for users who want a different look. The extra frames will be sold for prices ranging from $89 to $129.

AirGo Vision will send notifications such as incoming calls or emails to users via LED lights. In addition, thanks to its ability to integrate with Google Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude AI models, it will also allow users to benefit from different artificial intelligence services. However, since these glasses do not include an additional screen, responses will be delivered verbally.

Although the price and release date have not yet been announced, it is estimated that the new Solos glasses will cost more than $249.99. This price is based on the price of the cameraless Solos glasses that will be available in July. For comparison, Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses are currently sold for $299 overseas.

solos airgo vision

Solos AirGo Vision is a candidate to set a new standard in the smart glasses market. With its innovative features such as hands-free video recording, AI-supported assistant and interchangeable frames, it aims to make users’ daily lives easier. This new face of technology seems to attract the attention of smart glasses users.

This new product move by Solos is a sign of great competition in the smart glasses market. AirGo Vision, which stands out with its artificial intelligence integration and flexible design, attracts attention with the innovations it offers to its users.

Danish Kapoor