Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google’s Gemini application is available in Turkey

Gemini, which is among the steps taken by Google in the field of artificial intelligence, came with good news for users in Turkey. This long-awaited update made the application available not only in Turkey but also in other important markets such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

What is Gemini and what are the innovations it offers?

Google is expanding the boundaries of artificial intelligence with Gemini. Gemini includes Google’s new generation model 1.5 Pro, which allows users to perform operations such as document uploading and data analysis with a much larger context window, a capacity of 1 million windows. Although these features are now available in India, it is a great excitement that users in Turkey will also be introduced to innovations such as the possibility of using the mobile application at least.

Gemini has also become accessible via Google Messages. By clicking the “Start a chat” button and selecting Gemini, users can draft messages, brainstorm new ideas, or just chat without leaving the Google Messages app. This feature is currently only available in English and on certain devices.

For users in Turkey, this step by Google means that the Gemini application can be downloaded and used for Android devices via the Google Play Store. iOS users can experience Gemini via the Google application. Users can now chat with Gemini for writing, planning, learning and much more.

Gemini’s mobile application was made available in many European countries at the beginning of the month. This service, which is also offered in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy, is now available to users in Turkey with Turkish support.

Danish Kapoor