Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google Pixel Fold 2 leak shows changed design

News about the foldable Google Pixel Fold 2 has increased as of this week. Recently, the claim that Google would offer the phone with a Tensor G4 processor instead of Tensor G3 was brought to the agenda. Based on this claim, it was also suggested that Pixel Fold 2 could be introduced together with Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro in October. The first Pixel Fold was revealed last May. Now, a photo said to belong to one of the prototypes prepared for Pixel Fold 2 has appeared on the internet.

Two different points immediately attract attention in the image in question. The first of these is that the camera module has a very different design. In the original Pixel Fold, the camera module appeared before users with a design similar to the current members of the Pixel series. In the Pixel Fold 2 prototype, it is seen that the camera module has been moved to the upper left side of the panel and its shape is a little more square.

It is also noteworthy that the cover screen of Pixel Fold 2 is longer and narrower than its predecessor. In this way, it is estimated that the problems caused by the large cover screen of the current Pixel Fold will be eliminated.

The inner screen will also change with Google Pixel Fold 2

It is not possible to see the inner screen. However, the source of the leak states that the front camera is placed in the hole in the upper right corner of the screen. It is also among the information given that the phone has become thinner, but the wrinkle on the screen is still quite noticeable.

However, since there is only one leak yet, this image should be approached with some caution. As we mentioned above, Google Pixel Fold 2 will most likely be introduced in October. Therefore, it will not be a surprise to hear more news about the phone in the coming period.

Danish Kapoor