Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google Chrome’s new security feature comes to iOS before Android

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The number of malicious websites on the Internet is increasing day by day. However, Google Chrome users can be protected from malware, phishers and other cyber attacks thanks to the browser’s Safe Browsing feature. This feature becomes a little more powerful by opening up a skill previously offered in the advanced version to everyone. However, only desktop and iOS users will initially be able to benefit from this enhancement.

Google has announced that the standard version of Safe Browsing on desktop and iOS will start checking sites in real-time against the company’s server-side list of known bad sites. Until now, the standard version used a list stored on your device to check if a site or file was malicious. This list is updated every 30 to 60 minutes.

As the tech giant explained, the problem with the previous method was that not all personal devices had the necessary resources to maintain this growing list. Additionally, these devices may not apply updates to the list as often as necessary to provide full protection. There is also the problem of the average lifespan of malicious sites that exist for less than 10 minutes.

In contrast, Google’s server-side list can accommodate growth and is updated whenever a new threat is discovered. The company states that by having Chrome check this server-side list in real time, it aims to block 25 percent more phishing attempts.

Google points out that this new feature uses encryption and other privacy-enhancing techniques. As a result, he claims, no one, including Google, knows which website you visited.

Although this feature comes to desktop and iOS first, it will also be available to Android users over time. Although an exact date is not given for this, the last days of the month are indicated.

Password Security feature is also being updated in Google Chrome iOS application

Google Chrome is also bringing an update to its Password Security feature for iOS. In addition to flagging compromised passwords, the feature will now also flag weak and reused passwords.

Danish Kapoor