Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google and Samsung are not opening the Circle to Search feature to other Android device manufacturers

While introducing the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung also announced a number of artificial intelligence features. One of these features was Circle to Search, which offered a different search method. It was announced by Google that this feature, developed together with Google, would come to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, one day after Samsung’s event.

It is necessary to wait a long time to see this feature on Android phones of other brands. According to the information provided by Samsung, this feature will only be available on Samsung and Google phones until at least October.

In the post made by Samsung’s Netherlands office, it is stated that the feature that makes it possible to search by circling will be available on Android phones from other manufacturers as of October 5, 2024. The company did not forget to emphasize that an active development process is not yet carried out for it.

It can be said that this choice of Samsung and Google is surprising. It’s not easy to argue that the ability to search by circling or crossing out is the kind of capability that will persuade people to buy a Galaxy S24 or Pixel 8 series device. In addition, when you consider the open structure of the Android ecosystem, the choice in question becomes a little more “strange”.

Circle to Search isn’t the first feature Google and Samsung haven’t opened up to others

Circle to Search is not the first and only feature that Google and Samsung have hidden from ecosystem stakeholders. The two companies are first releasing the current versions of the Wear OS platform only to their own devices. It remains unclear at the moment why Google insists on this attitude, which angers its other business partners in Android.

Danish Kapoor