Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Galaxy S25 Ultra will come with fewer rear cameras than the S24 Ultra

There is still a long time to meet the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra. However, this does not prevent rumors about the phone from circulating around. According to a post on X, the S25 Ultra will have three rear cameras, not four, unlike its predecessor.

It is said that Samsung will give up the 10 megapixel resolution 3x telephoto camera. It is stated that the company will try to convince users that the main camera will take 3x photos of the same quality.

It is stated that the image processing ability of the main camera will be improved in the S25 Ultra. Although it is said that the main camera in the S225 Ultra will have the same resolution and sensor size as the S24 Ultra, it is claimed that there will be improvements in the field of light capture. The ultra wide-angle camera has not changed, at least in the current prototype stage.

Two options are being tested for the Galaxy S25 Ultra periscope zoom camera

Apparently; Two options are being tested for the S25 Ultra periscope zoom camera, the first with variable zoom between 4x and 5x, and the second with variable zoom between 6x and 7x. It is said that Samsung has not made a final decision, but will follow an ever-changing zoom approach.

Danish Kapoor