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Danish Kapoor

From Gigabyte to game enthusiasts: New QD-OLED monitor series

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Gigabyte is preparing to take the market by storm with its new Aorus display series equipped with QD-OLED technology, which is famous in the gaming world. The introduction of this innovative series created great excitement among technology enthusiasts. However, since QD-OLED panels are sensitive to problems such as burn-in, the warranty period of these products has become a very important issue for consumers. The fact that competitors such as Asus and MSI have long warranty periods prompted Gigabyte to take action, and the company decided to extend the warranty period in order to gain the trust of users.

Competition and customer satisfaction in monitor warranty periods

Gigabyte’s new monitor series was initially offered with a standard one-year warranty. However, competitors such as Asus and MSI extended the warranty periods for QD-OLED monitors, making it necessary for Gigabyte to make a similar move. While Asus has increased the warranty period of its monitors to two years, MSI has gone further and committed to offering a three-year warranty. These developments caused Gigabyte to review its policy and decide to increase the warranty period to three years in order to provide more confidence to its users.

Gigabyte’s QD-OLED monitor series has a wide range of models, including CO49DQ, FO32U2P, FO32U2, FO27Q3, MO34WQC and MO34WQC2. Although the company does not directly state that it does not provide extra protection against burning effects, it implies that the extended warranty period will also cover such panel problems. Gigabyte promises its users long-term use and a perfect gaming experience.

gigabyte aorus monitor

One of the particularly noteworthy models, Aorus FO32U2P, stands out with its 32-inch 4K resolution and 240Hz refresh rate. This model is the first QD-OLED panel to offer full UHBR20 (Ultra High Bit Rate) DisplayPort 2.1 support. This technology provides data transfer to the monitor at a speed of 20Gbit per second, providing a total speed of up to 80Gbit/s. With this feature that does not require Display Stream Compression (DSC), FO32U2P exhibits a unique performance.

Other members of the series include a 49-inch 5,120 x 1,440 resolution 144Hz display, a 32-inch 4K 240Hz model, a 27-inch 1440p 360Hz model and two 34-inch 3,440 x 1,440 resolution 240Hz models. The exact release dates and prices of these monitors, which are expected to be released in the first half of 2024, have not been announced yet. However, this series of Gigabyte continues to be a matter of great curiosity, especially for game enthusiasts.

Danish Kapoor