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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Free hit game of the week on Epic Games Store: Ghostrunner

Epic Games Store has added a new one to its routine free game campaigns. This week, the game offered to the players ghostrunner happened. Epic Games, which offers valuable games to players free of charge, strengthens its place among the most preferred platforms after Steam with this strategy.

It can be downloaded for free by Epic Games Store users until April 18. ghostrunneris a first-person perspective action game released by 505 Games in October 2020. This game, which blends post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk influences, is offered for 169 TL on the Epic Games Store and promises to provide free access until April 18.

Enjoying free games continues on Epic Games Store

Ghostrunner is a game that attracts attention with its sharp graphics and fast-paced gameplay and puts the player in the role of a cyber-ninja. Elements such as parkour skills and time manipulation come to the fore. ghostrunneraims to challenge your reflexes while fighting your enemies in a dangerous world.

To download the game, simply log in to your Epic Games account, go to the game page and click “Download”. Once the game is added to your account, it will be completely yours and you will be able to play whenever you want. What you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity is quite simple: Go to the Epic Games Store web page, select Ghostrunner and then add it to your library.

Epic Games Store gave the good news of free games for next week. Starting April 18, platform users can enjoy the single-player platform game The Big Con and strategy based Town of Salem 2They will be able to add to their collections free of charge.


In addition, the April 2024 games of Amazon Prime Gaming, another rising platform among online gaming services, were also announced and it was announced that 12 games will be free. This announcement, which attracted the attention of game lovers, continues to intensify the competition in the field of digital game distribution.

Epic Games continues to be a determining factor in the digital game market with these advantages it offers to users. Such campaigns, which allow players to enrich their game libraries, are always welcomed with great enthusiasm by the gaming communities. This generous policy of Epic Games both increases loyalty among users and ensures that new players flock to the platform. It would not be wrong to say that this strategy was effective in expanding the player base and strengthening brand loyalty. Game enthusiasts take advantage of these opportunities and further color their gaming experiences.

Danish Kapoor