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F1 Austrian GP 2024: What time and how to watch live?

In the middle of Formula 1’s three-week non-stop F1 marathon, it continues with a race full of speed and excitement in the mountains of Austria. F1 Austrian GP 2024 is Red Bull’s home race. In this race, will Verstappen be able to maintain the successful performance he has shown with his own piloting in the last races, and will McLaren carry the speed of the last races to the top of the podium? We will get the answers to all these questions at the end of the week. Moreover, there is also a sprint race this weekend.

Starting from Friday until Sunday; A great wave of excitement awaits F1 enthusiasts from the practice round to the main race. There are many different media that will allow you to follow this exciting race online.

F1 broadcasting rights in Turkey are held by BeIN Sports. Practice laps, qualifying and racing this weekend BeIN Sports 4 It is broadcast on the channel. Below Watch F1 Austrian GP live We list the options.

What Time Are F1 Austrian GP 2024 Practice, Qualifying and Race?

The F1 Austrian GP is held at the Redbull Ring circuit. The Red Bull Ring Spielberg is a motorsport race track located in the Styrian town of Graz, Austria. The race track was founded as the Österreichring and hosted the Austrian Grand Prix for 18 consecutive years from 1970 to 1987.

This weekend’s excitement begins on Friday, June 28, with training tours at noon and afternoon, Turkish time. The race will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, June 30.

1. Training Tours

Friday, June 28th,
14.30 CEST
Sprint Shootout
Friday, June 28,
18.00 CET
Sprint Race
Saturday, June 29th,
13.00 Turkish time
Qualifying Rounds
Saturday, June 29,
17.00 Turkish time
F1 Austrian GP
Sunday, June 30,
16.00 Turkish time

one. BeIN Connect

Digiturk subscribers have the opportunity to access the content offered on this platform via the BeIN Connect platform without paying any additional fee. During the Formula 1 2024 season, Digiturk subscribers will have the opportunity to watch F1 races without paying any additional fee. For this reason, Digiturk subscribers can access BeIN Sports 4 by logging in to the BeIN Connect platform with their username and password. F1 Austrian GPThey can watch live.


TOD TV is the new online broadcasting platform launched by BeIN media group last year. If you are not a Digiturk subscriber, you can buy a package from TOD TV F1 Austrian GP 2024 You can watch the race and other races of the season.

There are different options to access BeIN Sports 4 via TOD TV. The first of these Two Seasons Super Full Package. When you purchase this package, you can watch the matches of the leading football leagues such as Trendyol Super League, Premier League, Bundesliga in addition to F1 races. You can watch on web, mobile, tablet with 12 installments of 219 TL per month; and you can also watch on Smart TV, Apple TV 4K and Android TV with 12 installments of 249 TL per month by paying 30 TL more.

The other package is Sports Extra+. Within this package, you can access the content of various leagues and tournaments such as F1, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Turkish Basketball Super League. The monthly price of this package for web, mobile, tablet access is 114 TL. With Smart TV, Apple TV 4K and Android TV access, the monthly price goes up to 129 TL.

You have the opportunity to purchase the Sports Extra+ package for 89 TL per month in 5 installments. This fee includes access to Smart TV, Apple TV 4K and Android TV. You can also purchase the same package in 5 monthly installments of 79 TL, with only web, mobile and tablet access.

Meanwhile, TOD is offering a F1-only stream for new subscribers Annual F1 started offering its package. The monthly fee for this package is 39 TL for web, mobile and tablet access. With Smart TV, Apple TV 4K and Android TV access, you have the opportunity to watch F1 broadcasts for 12 months with monthly payments of 49 TL.

3. F1 TV Pro

F1 Austrian GP 2024 An alternative way to watch the race is from F1 itself. Formula 1 management broadcasts F1 races live on the internet. F1 TV Pro It started to provide service through the service website called and also through F1 TV iOS and Android applications. For 74.99 euros per year or 8.99 euros per month, you can watch all practice sessions, qualifying sessions and races of F1 races online. Meanwhile, iOS application users also have the opportunity to purchase through the application with annual payments of 2349.99 TL or monthly payments of 284.99 TL.

There is no Turkish narration on F1 TV Pro, but you have the opportunity to listen directly to the audio of the race by turning off the narration. You can also connect to the vehicle camera of the pilot you want and watch the race from there. By the way, radio calls of the teams are also offered in return for this service. Live race times are also included in the access package.

4. Countries where F1 broadcasts are broadcast on open channels abroad

Another option you can use, apart from the methods above, is to access live TV broadcasts in countries where F1 broadcasts are broadcast on open channels with the help of a suitable VPN subscription. Of course, not every VPN service allows you to watch live broadcasts, but with a VPN service that supports it, you can connect to a server in that country and watch the broadcasts as if you were in that country.

Various countries where F1 broadcasts are broadcast on open channels

Below you can find some of the countries where F1 is broadcast on open channels and the names of the TV channels:
Both ORF and Servus TV will broadcast 12 races for free throughout 2024.
RTL Zwee has the rights to broadcast all races through 2024.
By creating a free membership with your e-mail address, you can access the broadcast of RTBF channels and watch the live broadcast of each race.
In Australia, it is possible to watch the highlights of each race on 10Play. The Australian GP will also be broadcast live on this service.
As well as providing clear highlights of all races, Channel 4 will also be broadcasting the British GP.

worldwide F1 Austrian GP 2024 You can find the list of all channels broadcasting the race here.

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