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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Epic Games Store announced the free games of the week of March 21, 2024

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Epic Games Store, the generous distributor of the gaming world, added a new one to its expanding free game library by offering two new gift games to players on March 21, 2024. This time, game lovers had the opportunity to have two different experiences full of adventure and action.

The first play is a production that will attract the attention of nature lovers. Call of the Wild: The Angler happened. This game, previously sold with a price tag of 49 TL, offers a fishing-themed adventure in the open world. The game is from the creators of theHunter: Call of the Wild and combines realistic nature and fishing experience. Players can navigate the stunningly scenic waters with friends or simply relax alone on their journey to become a master angler.

The second gift is a game Invincible Presents: Atom Evefocuses on the adventures of a powerful superhero who pushes the limits of the Invincible universe he is involved in. In this game, which is normally sold for 97 TL, players try to balance the difficulties of daily life with the responsibilities of being a superhero by solving the mysteries they encounter while exploring the world with the Atom Eve character.

There was also a chance to get Deus Ex and The Bridge for free

In addition to these two new games, it would also be useful to talk about the different games that Epic Games Store, one of the leading popular distribution platforms, has previously offered to players. In the past, it was offered to players for free. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided In the game, a cyberpunk action-RPG was presented where choices had permanent consequences and humanity was dragged into a war against the Illuminati trying to control the future. In addition, The Bridge, a game with a price tag of 18 TL, distributed generously by the company, offers players a game that plays with the concepts of physics and perspective. Escher It provided a puzzle-style puzzle experience.

During the spring season, these experiences offered by the company to its players stand out along with many other games that are on sale, and their efforts to maintain the satisfaction of millions of users around the world continue by offering game lovers a wide range of options without shaking their budgets.

Danish Kapoor