Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

ChatGPT store opened with new opportunities for free users

ChatGPT Store offers a wide range of new features for users to have a more efficient and effective experience. These features are now available to all users, rather than being exclusive to paid subscribers. Free users will have the opportunity to explore and use private GPTs.

Special GPTs, which were previously only available to ChatGPT Plus, Teams and Enterprise subscribers, are now available to free users as well. This feature offers customized solutions for users' various needs. For example, different GPTs can be used, such as a grammar checker or shopping guide.

Data analytics and charting features are now available to free users. In this way, users can quickly analyze their data on platforms such as OneDrive and Google Drive. Additionally, it becomes possible to create customizable graphics.

Message limits and GPT-4o usage for free users

While free users can enjoy the new features, they may encounter some limitations. Once the message or conversation limit is reached, users will automatically switch back to GPT-3.5. Paid subscribers will face fewer message limits and will be able to benefit more from the advantages of GPT-4o.

Sky voice, which caused controversy among ChatGPT's voice features, is no longer used. This voice, known for its similarity to Scarlett Johansson's performance in the movie Her, has been removed from the platform. However, other audio options are still available to users.

Users who develop custom GPTs can participate in the revenue sharing program, which began testing in March. This program encourages the creation of more customized GPTs, providing additional revenue opportunities for developers. Thanks to this program, users can earn financial income from the GPTs they develop.

What will be the future of ChatGPT Store?

ChatGPT Store will continue to offer new features and updates to meet users' needs in the future. As technology advances rapidly, ChatGPT aims to constantly improve the user experience by keeping up with these developments. Updates made in line with user feedback make the platform more useful and accessible.

ChatGPT Store aims to offer a wider range of services to its users with the new features it offers. Tools like private GPTs, data analytics, charting, etc. are now available to everyone. These innovations will enable users to get more efficiency from ChatGPT and increase the popularity of the platform.

Danish Kapoor