Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

ChatGPT makes it easy to upload files from Google Drive and OneDrive

OpenAI announced that with a new feature of ChatGPT, users can upload files from their Google Drive and OneDrive accounts directly to the chatbot. This innovation will save users the trouble of downloading files first and then uploading them. The feature will be available to paid ChatGPT users in the next few weeks.

When they access the feature; ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise and Teams users will be able to give the chatbot access to their Google Drive or OneDrive accounts. This integration will enable ChatGPT to read Excel, Word, PowerPoint files and their Google equivalents “faster,” according to OpenAI's blog post on the subject. So far these advanced data analysis features are only available in paid versions supported by GPT-4o.

OpenAI has also improved ChatGPT's ability to understand datasets from instructions written in natural language. Users will be able to ask the chatbot to run Python codes for analysis, merge or clean data sets, and create charts from information in files. These features will enable users to analyze data faster and more efficiently.

ChatGPT previously had the ability to create charts, but now users can interact with the created tables and charts, expand the view of the table, and customize the data visualization. For example, they can change colors or ask additional questions in cells. ChatGPT currently supports interactive visualizations for bar, line, pie, and scatter charts and creates static versions for chart types it does not support.

OpenAI reiterated in its blog post that it will not train AI models from data uploaded by ChatGPT Enterprise and Teams users, and stated that ChatGPT Plus subscribers can opt out of training. This ensures that users can use the service without worrying about data privacy and security.

These new features enhance ChatGPT's data analysis and processing capabilities, improving the user experience. Users can now effortlessly upload and analyze their files and create charts. This integration will enable ChatGPT to reach a wider audience in the business world and individual users.

As a result, these new features that OpenAI has added to ChatGPT will facilitate and accelerate users' data processing processes. While Google Drive and OneDrive integration improves the user experience, important steps have been taken in data privacy and security. These developments will expand the usage areas of ChatGPT, allowing more people to benefit from this advanced technology.

Danish Kapoor