Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Beeper Mini is withdrawn from Google Play

Beeper made an important announcement to its users. In the statement made on the X platformIt was stated that the Beeper Mini application will be removed from the Google Play Store and the iMessage bridge will be moved to the “Labs” section of the cloud version. With this change, new users will not be able to access Apple’s messaging service through Beeper Cloud. However, some existing users will still be able to use iMessage through Beeper Cloud.

Beeper made the iMessage bridge, built at a cost of $750,000, open source, allowing the codes to be viewed and used by anyone. The company stated that it will not provide assistance or troubleshooting support to existing users experiencing issues with the iMessage fix, as it is now entirely focused on “our mission beyond iMessage” and developing a “universal, multi-network chat app.”

The fight between Beeper and iMessage

Beeper’s abandonment of his iMessage dream sparked a debate about how technology works and who is really in control. After Apple blocked Beeper’s iMessage app for Android, Beeper’s next solution was to enable Beeper Cloud and use Macs to connect to iMessage. The chat application offered its users the alternative of purchasing or renting a jailbroken iPhone as a last resort, but emphasized that it would not respond to any possible retaliation from Apple.

A report published by The New York Times on Friday reported that several Beeper customers had lost access to the Apple messaging service on their Macs. After the Times’ news was published, some users regained access via Mac. Some Reddit users stated that they were able to regain access to iMessage on their Macs after it was blocked.

Danish Kapoor