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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Available on Amazon for Galaxy S24 with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB memory

Galaxy S24, one of Samsung’s 2024 model flagship smartphones, is sold on Amazon with a remarkable advantage. Available in Samsung’s own online store for 40,999 TL The black model with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB memory sold 33.699 TL on You can buy it. This means an advantage of 7,300 TL.

Galaxy S24 features

The Samsung Galaxy S24 smart phone stands out with its remarkable features in the modern phone market. With its 8 GB RAM and 128 GB memory capacity, it offers trouble-free performance even under daily use and heavy load. This device, which is offered for sale with its black color option and Samsung Turkey warranty, allows users to shop with confidence. It is available through Amazon for a price of 33,699.00 TL, VAT included, and offers safe transaction opportunities with Amazon assurance.

The device promises an impressive viewing experience with its 6.2 inch screen. Thanks to FHD+ resolution and ultra-thin bezel design, users can enjoy more screen real estate than ever before. Additionally, thanks to image vision support, it maximizes visual richness with optimum color and contrast settings.

Thanks to the innovative Armor Aluminum material, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is not only superior in terms of durability, but also offers a structure that will accompany your personal adventures with its lightweight and IP68 dust and water resistance features. This makes the device a reliable partner even under difficult conditions.

Galaxy S24, which is also assertive about the camera, is equipped with a high-resolution camera of 50 Mega Pixels. Thanks to this camera, users can take quality photos that will not disappoint. With AI-supported ISP, it is possible to get bright and clear photos even in dark environments. Additionally, you can capture even distant objects in detail with the 2x or 3x optical zoom feature.

With its advanced heat dissipation system, Galaxy S24 performs remarkably, especially when playing games. Thanks to the new Vapor Chamber, the device manages to stay cool even under load, providing users with an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Finally, it is possible to choose a phone that suits your personal style with color options inspired by nature. While simple and stylish colors offer a unique experience for each user, it is possible to say that the device meets aesthetic expectations. Samsung Galaxy S24 stands out in the smartphone market with its high-end features and promises users a unique experience.

Danish Kapoor