Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple’s Vision Pro was disassembled and examined in detail

Vision Pro, one of Apple’s newest and most remarkable products, has aroused great curiosity in the technology world. Some secret details about the product were revealed last week. The most notable of these was that the device had two different types of Lightning-like ports. But now, thanks to iFixit’s first teardown video, we can find answers to many questions about the Vision Pro, from weight factors to parts that will likely be expensive to replace.

Technical structure and repair process of Vision Pro

It is quite easy to disconnect the Buff Lightning connections used for the Vision Pro’s battery cable and strap arms. This only requires a SIM eject tool. After this step, the process of separating the parts of the device includes the use of a heat gun, opening with a crowbar, screws, brackets and connection points, as we are used to in Apple hardware.

iFixit’s blog post accompanying the video takes an in-depth look at the Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature. He notes that EyeSight isn’t a single video stream, but rather “a whole bunch of videos” of your eyes. The OLED panel starts by displaying multiple facial images, these images are split and passed through a lenticular layer. This process goes through another “similar lenticular” layer that expands the image to cover the entire area, and then reaches a secondary lens as two different images, giving your eyes a 3D effect.

All of these processes combined cause many reviewers to complain of blurry and faded images on the Vision Pro’s external display, making it difficult for the eyes to see.

In a tweet from iFixit CEO Kyle WiensWith the outer layers removed, there is an image of what the Vision Pro and screen looks like, revealing the cameras and sensors around it. The video progresses quite quickly. But there is more; iFixit says the title is too complicated to explain in a video and promises a new video that shows “just how deep this rabbit hole goes.”

Apple’s Vision Pro offers much more than just a set of headsets for tech enthusiasts. The innovative technologies it contains and the ease of repair processes make this product especially attractive for users who are interested in technical details. With the launch of Vision Pro, Apple once again takes an important step in the world of technology.

Danish Kapoor