Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple will help those who develop their first application with Pathways

Apple's developer site has long been a huge resource center for potential app developers. However, there was no tool here to help developers just starting their journey. Apple is changing this situation with Pathways.

Pathways is a collection of videos, documentation, and other resources that will guide developers step-by-step as they embark on the journey of building their first app.

Anyone who wishes can access Pathways via Apple's developer site. Most of the resources require creating a developer account to get started. However, it is worth noting that this account is also completely free. Other requirements are defined by the company as “a Mac and an idea.”

Pathways is divided into seven different content collections:

  • Getting started as an Apple developer
  • Design
  • Fast
  • SwiftUI
  • Games
  • visionOS
  • Distribution on App Store

Apple also provides long-term guidance with Pathways

The great thing about each collection is that they provide guidance on many different issues an app developer needs to think about, such as the business model of the future app or choosing the best SwiftUI skin to use. In any case, Apple links Pathways to a variety of solid articles and helpful tools that further detail the process.

Danish Kapoor