Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple Vision Pro’s hidden mega Lightning connection discovered

Apple’s Vision Pro glasses aroused great curiosity in the technology world. However, this interest is not limited to the innovative features offered by the device. The unprecedented fasteners hidden in the design of the Vision Pro also attract great attention. One of the most remarkable inventions is a connection piece hidden inside the strap of the headset, which can almost be called “Mega Lightning”.

A photo shared by iFixit reveals the impressive dimensions of this massive 10-pin connection. The iFixit team has successfully removed the front screen of the Vision Pro, and we’re curious to see what else they discover with their full review over the weekend. This XL cable fits under the Vision Pro’s soft band, on the side of the headset. This offers a slightly more discreet design than the large Lightning connector discovered yesterday, which can be removed from the Vision Pro’s external battery pack with the help of a SIM ejector tool.

Remarkable connections of Apple Vision Pro

Last year, Apple replaced the original Lightning cable with USB-C on the iPhone 15 in order to comply with the regulations of the European Union. But now we’ve found two extra-large Lightning cables inside the Vision Pro, even though they’re not actually intended for people to use. This is a demonstration of how Apple’s innovative design approach not only improves the user experience but also overcomes technical challenges.

Vision Pro not only offers high technology with its $ 3,499 price tag, but also pushes the boundaries in design and engineering. This hidden Mega Lightning connection is proof of Apple’s attention to detail and innovative approach in its products. With iFixit’s full review, other secrets and innovations that the Vision Pro has to offer are expected to be revealed.

For tech enthusiasts, these mysterious aspects of the Vision Pro are an indication of how Apple is reshaping not only the user experience but also its approach to technology. The discovery of these connections sparks a new debate in the technology world and sparks excitement about what innovations Apple may offer in its future products.

Danish Kapoor