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Danish Kapoor

Apple Vision Pro aided shoulder arthroscopy surgery in Brazil

A shoulder arthroscopy surgery performed in Brazil revealed how Apple Vision Pro can be an effective aid. At Jaraguá Hospital, Dr. This operation, conducted by Bruno Gobbato, was performed on a patient with a rotator cuff tear. Dr. In an interview with MacMagazine, Gobbato talked about how Apple Vision Pro helped during surgery.

Convenience that comes with Apple Vision Pro technology

Dr. Gobbato stated that while performing the surgery, he was able to look at a high-resolution, cinema screen-sized image with Vision Pro instead of a screen. Thanks to this device, he was able to view medical imaging and 3D models of the patient in real time. Vision Pro's dynamic camera range provided an excellent image even under the bright lights in the operating room.

Also Dr. Gobbato stated that he could easily view his notes, patient x-rays and live camera images during the surgery. The same doctor performed a similar surgery using Microsoft HoloLens a few years ago. In a video he shared on YouTube, he demonstrated the ease of use of this technology.

Last month, Apple detailed how its Vision Pro app could be used in robot-assisted knee and hip surgeries. A British neurosurgeon has described Vision Pro as “revolutionary” during spinal surgeries.

Innovative applications in Apple Vision Pro

Stryker's new myMako app expands surgeons' experiences outside of surgery via Apple Vision Pro and iPhone. myMako allows surgeons to visualize and review their patients' Mako surgical plans at any time. This provides a bright and immersive visual experience that allows surgeons to better prepare before surgery.

Apple Vision Pro is currently only on sale in the US, with prices starting at $3,499. Apple plans to launch this device in more countries by the end of the year. Vision Pro's potential to transform surgical techniques could further increase the role of technology in the healthcare industry in the future. Such technological advances can further personalize medical practices and reduce risks during surgery, thus providing safer and more effective solutions for patients.

Danish Kapoor