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Danish Kapoor

Apple takes video creation experience on iPad to a new level with Final Cut Pro 2

Apple introduced Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad with major updates that showcase the incredible capabilities of the new iPad Pro and take creativity to a whole new level. Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad turns iPad into a multi-camera mobile production studio with Live Multi-Camera. This feature allows users to connect and preview up to four cameras simultaneously from a single location, giving users the power to speed up their shooting.

Final Cut Camera, the brand new video shooting app that supports Live Multi-Camera feature, is now on iPhone and iPad. Creatives who can connect to the application wirelessly can manage every video angle remotely with powerful and professional controls. Final Cut Camera can also be used on iPhone and iPad as a standalone professional video shooting application. External project support takes advantage of iPad Pro's fast Thunderbolt connection, giving users the flexibility to edit projects directly on an external drive. Editing and completing a project with Final Cut Pro on the new iPad Pro with M4 chip is an incredible experience. Users can color edit, apply multiple effects, and render graphics-intensive timelines much faster. Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad offers even more customizable content for creating and editing unique projects and takes advantage of advanced features like rotate and pinch gestures in the all-new Apple Pencil Pro for Live Drawing.

New AI features are now in Final Cut Pro 10.8 for Mac. This means editors can quickly personalize the look of videos or photos with a single click and retime images more conveniently than ever before. Key workflow-boosting apps offer new ways to easily search and navigate the timeline, as well as color correction and managing video effects.

“Users loved the portability and flexibility in editing that Final Cut Pro for iPad provided. Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the iPad, the program continues to be enhanced with the latest advancements like the Apple Pencil Pro and the M4 chip,” said Brent Chiu-Watson, Apple's Director of Global Product Marketing for Apps. Final Cut Pro for iPad is now even more powerful, transforming production workflows by putting video at the center and allowing creatives to edit and share faster in the studio and on the go. “Final Cut Pro for Mac continues to offer productivity benefits to editors thanks to its smarter and faster new features.”

What features does Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad offer?

The latest update to Final Cut Pro for iPad not only transforms iPad into a more powerful production studio, opening the door to completely different video workflows, but also offers even more features with the all-new Apple Pencil Pro. With the M4 chip in the new iPad Pro, final rendering is up to 2x faster and editors can take advantage of up to 4x more ProRes RAW video support than with the M1 chip.

Live Multi-Camera, introduced in Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad, is a new and innovative solution that allows users to capture a single scene from up to four different angles while working on their own devices or working with others. Featuring a wireless connection to the new video capture app Final Cut Camera, Live Multi Camera allows users to view up to four iPhone or iPad devices and delivers the director's angle of each camera in real time. Settings for all live camera feeds can be adjusted directly in Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad to get the perfect shot by easily accessing many features such as exposure, focus, zoom, etc. Editable preview clips are immediately imported into Final Cut Pro for iPad and replaced with full-resolution files in the background. Thus, users can easily move from production to editing.

Final Cut Camera, which supports the Live Multi-Camera feature in Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad, is now available on iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the application, it is possible to watch each video broadcast live and control it one by one. Thanks to Final Cut Camera, which takes advantage of the incredible camera systems of iPhone and iPad, users can adjust settings such as white balance and manual focus while watching their recordings with zebra settings and sound meters. Users can now also adjust ISO and shutter speed, enabling focus peaking, adding even more power to the camera system on the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Final Cut Camera is also available as a free download as a standalone video capture app for taking professional shots with precise manual controls on iPhone and iPad.

To offer even greater storage flexibility, Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad now supports external projects, allowing users to conveniently create or open projects on an external storage device and transfer media content without taking up space on their iPad. Editors can quickly import external projects into another editor or into Final Cut Pro for Mac. It can also create new projects on external storage and seamlessly transfer high-resolution files as well as professional codecs such as ProRes and Log.

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Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad offers more options to personalize projects. Users can access their edits with 12 new color editing presets to create effects layers and credits, choose from eight basic text headings, use 20 new background music, and add dynamic backgrounds.

The powerful new Apple Pencil Pro gives Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad users even greater precision. Now users gain precise control of their chosen tools with rotation gesture support in Live Drawing. With pinch gesture support, you can quickly access many brushes and settings.

Final Cut Pro 10.8 for Mac

On Mac, editors take professional workflows to the next level. New AI features and editing tools that leverage the Apple chip's Neural Engine are now in Final Cut Pro 10.8. Offered as a free update to existing users, Final Cut Pro 10.8 allows you to improve color, color balance, contrast and brightness in a single step with its newly introduced Light and Color Enhancement feature and is optimized for SDR, HDR, RAW and Log encoded media content. With the Slow Motion Correction feature, video frames are intelligently composed and stitched together. This ensures the highest quality action flow and adds more drama to the project.

Post-production workflows, color correction, and video effects can now be assigned custom names in the inspector. This means changes applied to a clip are easily detected, and effects can be dragged from the inspector to other clips in the timeline or viewer. The timeline index also offers the ability to search and navigate clips with missing media content or effects. And the text-based timeline search feature now includes a lot of important information such as camera roll, scene, camera angle and more.

What are the prices of Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad and Final Cut Pro 10.8 for Mac?


Final Cut Pro 2 for iPad will be available this spring as a free update for existing users and with a one-month free trial subscription for new users on the App Store for 129.99 TL per month or 1,299 TL per year. Final Cut Camera will be released for free as a standalone app this spring. Final Cut Pro 10.8 for Mac will be available as a free update to existing users and for 9,999.99 TL on the Mac App Store for new users. All new users can download a free 90-day trial of Final Cut Pro.

Danish Kapoor