Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple may bring artificial intelligence support to written and voice notes with iOS 18

Apple plans to expand artificial intelligence (AI) features for iPhone users with the iOS 18 update, which will be introduced in a few weeks. These innovations specifically include adding real-time transcription capabilities to Voice Memos and Notes applications. Thanks to new features, users will be able to transcribe voice recordings and view these contents through applications.

The Notes app does not currently have the ability to record audio. However, Apple is considering adding this ability with iOS 18. This feature will provide a solution that will speed up the process of transcribing long lecture notes or interviews, especially for students and journalists. Users will be able to quickly transcribe voice notes without having to listen to the recordings.

iOS 18 will provide great convenience for students and journalists

Apple also has plans to take the transcription feature one step further, creating AI-powered summaries for recorded audio. This innovation will make access to information even easier by providing users with text summaries of voice recordings. Although existing voice transcription services such as Otter offer similar features, integrating these capabilities directly into the iPhone could reduce reliance on third-party apps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized during the earnings call earlier this month that the company's AI features will have a “steadfast focus on privacy.” Apple's own research papers suggest that simple AI requests could be processed directly on the iPhone, while more complex requests could be sent to a third-party server.

Notes and Voice Memos aren't the only apps to get AI features in iOS 18. Other reports indicate that Apple plans to add more AI features to Siri. These features include the ability to analyze and summarize texts in the messages app.

A new web page summarization feature is also expected to be added within Safari. Such improvements aim to make Apple devices more functional and interactive for users. Thus, users will have a more efficient and faster access to information experience than ever before.

These AI-powered features expected with iOS 18 provide a new example of how Apple shapes technology and user experience. These innovations, which will make users' lives easier, will help Apple consolidate its market leadership.

Danish Kapoor